In a remarkable story of resilience and triumph, twenty-eight-year-old Amy Jackson has emerged from the grips of anxiety to become a beacon of inspiration for others battling mental health issues.

Amy’s life-changing transformation is attributed to the support and guidance she received from MyWellbeing IAPT service, an invaluable resource she now champions during Mental Health Awareness Week (15 – 21 May).

Amy’s struggle with anxiety and low mood began when she endured the tragic loss of both her stepfather and aunt within months of each other at the tender age of twenty.

While she relied on medication to manage her symptoms for years, it was a pivotal moment that led her to seek professional help. Participating in an online group course provided by MyWellbeing IAPT service, Amy experienced a profound shift in her mood and acquired effective tools to manage her anxiety.

Reflecting on her journey, Amy revealed, “Anxiety surfaced shortly after I lost my stepdad. The compounded grief and lack of proper emotional processing took a toll on me. I felt overwhelmed, unable to cope with my own emotions. Leaving the house or socializing became unbearable, exacerbating my depression. I tried various medications but reached a point where I was willing to try anything to confront the issue.”

Amy’s apprehension about joining another course quickly dissipated when she enrolled in the MyWellbeing IAPT program. The group setting, even through online sessions, proved instrumental in her recovery.

By choosing to connect with the group via video and engaging in the chat box, Amy realized she was not alone in her struggles.

The support and camaraderie among participants were vital in fostering a sense of normalcy and instilling hope. Over the course of six weeks, Amy witnessed the transformative impact the program had on fellow attendees.

“The course has been a game-changer for me,” Amy enthused. “I’ve never been able to effectively manage my anxiety before, but now, I no longer rely on medication. I feel like the best version of myself in years. While I still have occasional rough days, I have the resources and exercises to refer back to whenever I need them.”

Amy’s personal journey has significantly improved her emotional well-being, prompting her to encourage others in similar situations to seek help without hesitation. She expressed, “Since completing the course, I’ve experienced an incredible transformation. I urge anyone contemplating seeking support to take that leap, as it can truly be lifechanging.”

Naomi Holdsworth, representing Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust’s MyWellbeing IAPT Service and Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership, commended Amy’s bravery in sharing her anxiety journey. Holdsworth believes Amy’s story will inspire countless others to seek the support they need, aligning perfectly with this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week theme of anxiety.

The MyWellbeing IAPT Service, a free NHS resource, offers assistance to individuals facing common issues like low mood, sleep problems, anxiety, and stress.

Open to anyone aged 16 and above registered with a GP in Bradford, Wharfedale, Airedale, or Craven, the service provides accessible support without the need for a GP referral. Interested individuals can register online at

To raise awareness about anxiety triggers, an engaging Lego Brick walk experience will take place at the Broadway Shopping Centre (outside Marks and Spencer) on Saturday, 20 May, from 11 am to 2 pm. Participation requires no booking; participants are simply asked to bring their own pair of socks.

For those seeking mental health support, visit