A Wakefield man, Steven Wood, 43, residing on Linton Road, has been handed a lengthy prison sentence of 16 years following his conviction on two charges of rape. The verdict was delivered at Leeds Crown Court, and Wood received concurrent eight-year sentences for each offence.

The incidents took place in June 2021 and came to light when Wakefield District Safeguarding launched an investigation. Wood was subsequently arrested and formally charged in December of the same year.

Detective Constable Glen Sharphouse, who led the investigation as part of the Wakefield Safeguarding Unit, expressed satisfaction with the sentencing outcome. In his statement, he said, “We welcome the sentencing of Steven Wood at court and hope the victim can take a level of comfort and closure on the sentences imposed.”

DC Sharphouse also extended gratitude to all the witnesses who came forward and provided evidence, which played a crucial role in ensuring that Wood received the appropriate sentence for his actions.

Highlighting the commitment of the Safeguarding Detectives, DC Sharphouse emphasised that every reported offence is thoroughly investigated, and victims are treated with utmost compassion and empathy. He further stated, “Dedicated Safeguarding Detectives thoroughly investigate any offence reported and ensure that victims will always be treated sympathetically, with their needs put at the heart of every investigation.”

In conclusion, DC Sharphouse encouraged victims of sexual offences to come forward, assuring them that their cases would be investigated promptly and the necessary support would be provided.

The conviction and sentencing of Steven Wood underscore the determination of law enforcement agencies to combat sexual offences and bring justice to the victims.