Toff and Andy are locked in a head-to-head battle with Myleene and Jordan, with the losing pair facing leaving camp for good.

The winners meanwhile will get to feast at the final picnic by the waterfall, with a celebratory bottle of champagne.

But with the Trial poised on a knife-edge, who will manage to pull ahead and take that all important victory?


While they wait nervously to see which pair comes back victorious, Pride leader Joe quizzes rival leader Dean about the picnics by the waterfall.

Joe secretly asks Dean: “These picnics you’re having, they’re not as small as you’re saying…?”

Dean confesses: “You get a bap… like, a little bap… it’s not massive. Your face! Pulled lamb… But it’s not big… fruit platter…”

Vindicated, Joe says: “I had my suspicions you were having more than you were letting on!” 

In the Bush Telegraph, Joe says: “As Pride leader, I’ll keep that to myself!”


Revealing he keeps thinking about home, Joe tells his fellow campmates: “I’m really missing my kids… I don’t know how to get rid of the feeling.”

Joe says: “I was a different person the first time [I did I’m A Celeb]. This time there’s so much at home waiting for me.”

He adds: “Everyone wants to do their family proud and I want to do the same.”


There’s a campmate missing in camp and Helen reads a Bush Bulletin with news from an absent Janice.

The letter reads:

“Dear beloved campmates,

Never in my life have I had such an extraordinary experience with all of you animals. You are the new BFFs, loves of my life and I’ll miss you until I get to see you again.

Kisses to all of you, I love you and miss you.



P.S. Joe I’m still p*****d at you and I’ll never get over it. Joke. All the love.”

Helen says: “I think we’re all going to really miss Janice.”

Joe says: “Me and Janice get on like a house on fire. We had one moment yesterday where we had slight words. It’s really sad that it ended on that note.”

Fatima adds: “Pleased that she’s getting on well, sad she won’t be back.”


Discussing his time on EastEnders, Dean reveals a pre-holiday eyebrow tweak got him in trouble on set.

He explains: “I had a gap between filming. They film everything out of sequence. I ran off to the shop to get my eyebrows waxed and tinted, just before I went away. I fell asleep… five minutes later she wakes me up, I look in the mirror, I look like the guy from American Pie… I went back to work, bearing in mind I’ve got a scene…”

Dean reveals castmate Danny Dyer said to him: “‘Alright, son, what the f*** have you done son?’ The make–up team were coming out fuming. It’s in your contract, you can’t change your hair… or…”

Asked how he got round it he says: “They scrubbed with an exfoliator!”

Agreeing, Helen says of her time on set: “I used to get in trouble all the time for fake tan. I’d do a ‘pick up’ and I’d be bright orange.”

Later, Joe shaves Dean’s face for him.

Dean explains: “Not having a mirror, can’t see myself having a shave. Joe’s come in and he’s helping a friend out. He’s quite tender and soft with his hands.”

Joe laughs: “This is so weird isn’t it. What’s happened to us?”

Once finished, Joe says: “That’s knocked about five years off you, Gaffney.”


In camp, the celebrities have a decision to make.

Paul announces to camp: “I’ve got a Bush Bulletin. Celebrities, it is now time for one of you to take part in today’s Trial, Deadly Depths.”

He reveals: “This Trial will require you to swim underwater. You must decide amongst yourselves who will be taking part.”

With many keen to avoid water Trials, Fatima is chosen.


Later that evening, Joe gets emotional about his time on I’m A Celebrity, both in Australia and South Africa.

He admits: “Honestly, I genuinely feel like I’m the biggest winner ever from anyone who’s done this show. It gave me my wife, my kids, a career for over a decade.”

In the Bush Telegraph he adds: “I find it hard to talk about the jungle without getting emotional. I wear my heart on my sleeve anyway. You’re going to have to bear with me.”

In camp he continues: “Growing up, all I wanted to be was a dad and have a family. The jungle came along and I met my wife on the jungle. I have two amazing kids, me and Stacey have had since we’ve been in the jungle. I feel like I’ve won this already. I don’t know where I would be without it. I’d just be that dude that was on EastEnders years ago. Now, I’m Stacey Solomon’s husband.”

In the Bush Telegraph he adds: “I feel very blessed, very lucky. It was my chance to come back and say thank you. You pulled me through some very dark times and gave me everything I ever wanted.”