This weekend, Castleford Tigers will proudly play host to the latest LDRL (Learning Disability Rugby League) festival, showcasing the inclusive spirit of the sport. The event will feature mini-tag rugby fixtures, bringing together teams from across the Super League and Championship for a day filled with camaraderie and competition.

Joining the Castleford Tigers at this highly anticipated event are some of the prominent names in British rugby league, including Leeds Rhinos, Hull KR, Hull FC, Bradford Bulls, Sheffield Eagles, Featherstone Rovers, and York City Knights. With such an impressive lineup, the LDRL festival promises to be an unforgettable spectacle for all involved.

Head Coach of the Tigers’ LDRL side, Anthony ‘Tosh’ Summerfield, expressed his excitement ahead of the grand kick-off at Castleford Panthers RLFC, which marks his first festival hosted by Castleford. “We’re really looking forward to it,” Coach Summerfield exclaimed. “It’s going to be my first one hosted by Castleford, so I’m proper buzzing for it. They’re an energetic bunch, really lively. We’ve got some fantastic people in the group. The numbers have gone through the roof, and we’re getting new faces week in, week out.”

Coach Summerfield believes this festival is a testament to the game’s inclusivity, stating, “It’s fantastic for this variant of the game. It advertises that everybody can play Rugby League, and that’s what makes it special to be a part of a home festival.”

Building on the success of last year’s event, the fast-approaching LDRL festival, coinciding with the renowned magic weekend, will once again grace the pitch, offering LDRL players a remarkable opportunity to showcase their skills on one of the country’s esteemed stadiums. Among the fortunate participants, Castleford Tigers LDRL will take to the field on the 3rd of June, granting their players a second chance to live out their dreams.

Michael Yates, a proud member of the Tigers’ LDRL side, expressed his elation at having been part of the festival last year and eagerly anticipates the experience once more. “It was one of the best days of my life,” said Yates. “While we were walking past the fans, they were treating us like first teamers! Holding their hands out for high fives. It makes you realize how blessed we are that LDRL is here for you.”

Echoing Yates’ sentiments, his teammate Karl eagerly awaits the opportunity to return to St James’ Park, having been involved in last year’s festival. He emphasized the significance of this moment, stating, “To be going back to Newcastle will be really good. I didn’t think I’d be able to do it the first time, so to be doing it two years in a row, that’s really, really special. It just shows the inclusivity within the sport and what we do, as well as the Tigers PDRL. I think if we can get more people down, it will be brilliant.”

As the LDRL festival draws near, anticipation and excitement fill the air in Castleford. Rugby league enthusiasts and supporters alike eagerly await the day when these talented athletes take to the field, showcasing their skills, determination, and the true spirit of inclusive rugby league.