Two teenagers from Huddersfield, Jakele Pusey (15) and Jovani Harriott (17), have been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Khayri Mclean (15) in a broad daylight attack near his school. The sentencing took place at Leeds Crown Court on Thursday, May 18.

Pusey, who pleaded guilty to the murder charge, received a life sentence with a minimum term of 16 years in prison, taking into account the time already served. Harriott, who was found guilty after a trial at Leeds Crown Court, was sentenced to life with a minimum term of 18 years, also considering time already served.

Detectives and CPS prosecutors expressed their disbelief at how a seemingly minor dispute escalated into a planned and organised murder of a schoolboy. The tragic incident occurred in Fartown last September when Khayri was walking on Woodhouse Hill. He was approached by Pusey and Harriott, who stabbed him once in the chest.

Khayri received immediate first aid at the scene and was then taken to Leeds General Infirmary. Despite undergoing surgery, he tragically succumbed to his injuries and passed away. The motive behind the attack appeared to stem from a dispute over a broken window and affiliations with different groups.

Police arrested Harriott shortly after the murder when they recovered a mobile phone used to plan the crime at the scene. The device contained messages connecting Pusey to the offence. Pusey himself surrendered to the authorities shortly after, prior to his arrest.

Detective Superintendent Marc Bowes, who led the investigation, commented on the case: “The dreadful consequences of knife crime and the culture of carrying weapons were highlighted in this appalling attack on Khayri outside his school. It is difficult to comprehend how a seemingly minor dispute could result in the stabbing death of a fellow student at the end of an ordinary school day.”

He added, “The murder of Khayri was a planned, organised, and targeted attack. The severity of the injuries inflicted on him left no chance of survival, causing immense grief to his loved ones. While these lengthy sentences cannot bring Khayri back, they will at least ensure that two very dangerous individuals are off our streets for many years to come.”