In a show of solidarity with Foster Care Fortnight, train operator Northern has temporarily renamed Bradford Forster Square station to Bradford Foster Square. The alteration aims to highlight the importance of fostering and inspire individuals to consider becoming foster carers. The new station name will be showcased through prominent signage for the duration of the event, which spans from 15th to 28th May.

To commemorate this special occasion, Northern is collaborating with Bradford Children & Families Trust to host an event at the station. The event will express gratitude towards current foster carers and offer a delightful day of food and entertainment for children in care. It serves as a testament to the crucial role foster carers play in providing support and stability to children and young people.

Tony Baxter, regional director at Northern, expressed pride in supporting Foster Care Fortnight and raising awareness regarding the pressing need for more foster carers to come forward. Baxter acknowledged the remarkable job foster carers do in nurturing children and enabling them to thrive.

In Bradford alone, there are presently 1586 children in care. To cater to the needs of each child effectively and achieve optimal outcomes, Bradford Children & Families Trust must recruit a minimum of 45 foster carers annually while keeping children within their local communities.

Charlotte Ramsden, chief executive of Bradford Children & Families Trust, emphasized the trust’s unwavering dedication to meeting the needs of children and young people in the district. Ramsden acknowledged the vital role foster families play in providing care for vulnerable children and expressed gratitude for the partnership with Northern. The collaboration aims to promote fostering in Bradford and extend a day of joy to fostering families, recognizing the significant impact they make in the lives of numerous children.

Foster Care Fortnight presents a valuable opportunity to learn more about the children in need of foster families and gain insights into the responsibilities of foster carers. Interested individuals are encouraged to get in touch and explore the possibilities of becoming a foster carer.

On Sunday, 21 May, Northern will implement its new summer timetable. As a result, all customers, particularly those who regularly travel on the same train schedules, are advised to check for any changes before embarking on their journeys. For additional information, please visit

As the second-largest train operator in the UK, Northern operates 2,500 daily services, connecting more than 500 stations throughout the North of England.