Coral Reef City, renowned for its vibrant and dazzling shoals of tropical fish, has become the backdrop for a captivating story that is set to enchant and inspire young viewers. Melissa, a talented storyteller, will take centre stage on CBeebies and BBC iPlayer, as she shares the tale of “Tropical Terry” by Jarvis. This delightful story touches upon themes of friendship, self-esteem, acceptance, and the importance of embracing one’s true self.

At first glance, Terry appears different from the other fish in Coral Reef City. While the surroundings are adorned with an array of vibrant colours, Terry feels dull and lacks the radiant charm exhibited by his fellow ocean dwellers. His longing to be part of the dashing and flashing crew fills his thoughts, leaving him wondering what it would truly feel like to be one of them.

Driven by a deep desire for transformation, Terry embarks on a journey with the support of his friends. He strives to discover if life as a tropical fish, with its shimmering scales and vivacious presence, would be everything he has ever dreamed of. The story takes us on Terry’s adventurous quest as he seeks to find his place in the vibrant underwater world of Coral Reef City.

“Tropical Terry” is more than just an enthralling tale; it serves as a heartfelt reminder to embrace and love oneself. By accepting his own unique qualities and finding pride in what sets him apart, Terry learns a valuable lesson about self-love and appreciating the beauty of individuality.

Melissa’s captivating storytelling will be aired on CBeebies and BBC iPlayer on Friday, 2nd June at 6.50pm. Children across the nation are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to join Terry on his extraordinary journey of self-discovery. The story’s positive message resonates deeply with young minds, encouraging them to cherish their own distinctiveness and fostering a sense of empathy and understanding towards others.

“Tropical Terry” is a wonderful addition to the treasure trove of children’s literature, reminding us all that true happiness lies in embracing ourselves and celebrating our differences. So, mark your calendars and gather the little ones to experience this enchanting tale that will warm hearts and leave a lasting impression.

For an unforgettable evening of imagination, friendship, and self-love, be sure to tune in to CBeebies and BBC iPlayer on Friday, 2nd June at 6.50pm, and join Melissa as she shares the captivating story of “Tropical Terry” by Jarvis.