A gripping new true crime series is set to captivate audiences as Marcel Theroux delves into the unsolved murders of three young women from the 1970s. Produced by Soho Studios and Future Studios for ITVX, the premium series promises to uncover the dark and violent underbelly that lurked beneath the glamorous facade of exclusive corners of London’s nightlife during that era.

Marcel Theroux, a renowned journalist and filmmaker, has long been fascinated by these brutal crimes that shook the city he once called home. The victims include Eve Stratford, a Playboy Bunny with dreams of becoming a famous model, Lynda Farrow, an experienced croupier immersed in the nocturnal world of London, and Lynne Weedon, a schoolgirl whose promising future was abruptly snuffed out.

The 2×60 series aims to unravel the mysteries surrounding the victims’ deaths through unparalleled access to their friends, colleagues, and relatives. These firsthand accounts will provide an intimate insight into the lives and personalities of the victims. At the same time, archival material from the 1970s will vividly bring to life the Mayfair district of London.

Marcel Theroux’s quest to shed light on the culprits takes him back in time. He meticulously explores police files, delves into new breakthroughs, and even embarks on global travels to track down key figures connected to the case. With the passage of decades, witnesses nearing the end of their lives, and fading memories, Marcel sees this investigation as possibly the last chance to obtain justice for the three victims.

Marcel expressed his dedication to this haunting story: “This is a story that has consumed me for years. How could a serial killer evade capture while claiming multiple lives in 1970s London? What crucial evidence was missed, and what clues were the police unable to leverage at the time? As time passes and memories fade, this may be our final opportunity to seek justice for these three victims.”

Commissioned by Jo Clinton-Davis, Controller of Factual at ITV, “The Playboy Bunny Murders” shines a spotlight on these horrific, unsolved crimes that have left disturbing questions unanswered for nearly half a century. The series promises to reveal the dark side of 1970s Mayfair, peeling back the layers of decadence, glamour, status, and wealth to expose the hidden truths about the victims’ lives.

Ian Lamarra, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Soho Studios, praised Marcel Theroux’s relentless pursuit of the truth. He described the series as a blend of a cinematic journey into 1970s Soho and Mayfair and an unfolding investigation. Lamarra expressed pride in bringing this premium documentary treatment to a case that deserves widespread attention.

John Farrar, Chief Creative Officer of Future Studios, highlighted Marcel’s mission to honour the lives tragically cut short. Farrar emphasised that the victims were not mere names or statistics but cherished daughters, friends, and partners. The series aims to shed light on these individuals while taking viewers on an astonishing journey through the evolving landscape of London during a time of significant social change.

“The Playboy Bunny Murders” will be executive produced by Ian Lamarra for Soho Studios and John Farrar for Future Studios. Melissa Mayne will serve as Series Producer, with Sam Miller taking on the role of Series Director.

As audiences eagerly anticipate this compelling true crime series, Marcel Theroux’s relentless investigation will unfold on screen, drawing viewers into the heart of a chilling mystery that has haunted London for decades.