The results from Calderdale Council’s annual resident survey have been released, showing that 70% of participants believe Calderdale is a fantastic place to reside. This survey, known as the Vision 2024 perception survey, is conducted each year to assess progress in achieving the borough’s vision for the year 2024.

2024 holds significance for Calderdale as it commemorates 50 years since the establishment of Calderdale Council. This milestone offers an opportunity to reflect on the achievements of the past five decades and set ambitious goals for the future.

This year’s survey consisted of 16 questions about life in Calderdale, with additional inquiries related to the Vision 2024 themes: distinctiveness, kindness and resilience, and enterprising and talented. The survey also included specific questions regarding the cost of living and climate action, aiming to gain insights into the challenges faced by residents and shape future priorities accordingly.

Overall, responses were positive, particularly regarding the Vision themes. Notably, 69% of respondents agreed with positive statements about the availability of opportunities for arts and creativity in the borough, highlighting its distinctiveness. The survey also revealed the borough’s flourishing tourism sector, with 84% of participants affirming that Calderdale is an excellent place to visit, and 80% having attended at least one attraction or event in the past year.

Regarding climate action, there was a commendable response from individuals, with 73% stating they had made changes in the last year to combat climate change. However, uncertainty lingered concerning the collective response to the climate emergency, as 43% neither agreed nor disagreed with the statement that people and organisations in Calderdale are addressing climate change.

Similar uncertainty was observed concerning the cost of living. Although more individuals agreed than disagreed with the notion that people in Calderdale are more likely to support each other during the cost of living crisis compared to other places, a sense of ambiguity persisted.

The Council plans to analyse the complete survey responses thoroughly, utilising them to shape future ambitions and strategies. Besides aiding the final year of the Vision 2024, this local input will also guide the aspirations for Calderdale beyond 2024.

Expressing her thoughts on the survey results, Cllr Jane Scullion, the Leader of Calderdale Council, stated, “The annual resident’s survey provides us with a valuable opportunity to hear directly from our community about our progress towards Vision 2024 and other critical priorities such as the climate emergency.”

Scullion added, “Reviewing this year’s results has been enlightening. It is particularly encouraging to witness the positive response concerning creative opportunities in the borough and the popularity of local events and attractions. We will build upon this momentum as we approach our Year of Culture in 2024.”

She also acknowledged the concerns expressed by residents regarding national issues like the cost of living crisis, emphasising the Council’s commitment to supporting those who may be facing difficulties.

The Council looks forward to utilising the valuable insights gained from the survey to continue working towards the betterment of Calderdale and fulfilling the community’s aspirations.