Last Thursday, Kirklees Council hosted a productive workshop at Huddersfield Town Hall, bringing together partners and professionals to collaboratively prioritise actions required for the next phase of the Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP). The workshop marked a significant milestone in Kirklees’ endeavour to achieve a Net Zero and Climate Ready future.

The focus of the workshop revolved around the 206 potential actions outlined in the CCAP. Delivery partners and professionals engaged in a decision-making process, evaluating and selecting the highest priority actions within various sectors such as buildings, energy, natural environment and biodiversity, sustainable food and agriculture, transport, waste, water, and cross-cutting initiatives. These identified actions will now progress to the business case development stage, followed by funding and eventual implementation.

Councillor Naheed Mather, the Cabinet Member for Culture and Greener Kirklees, expressed gratitude to all the participants for their active involvement in the workshop. The event witnessed the presence of representatives from approximately 80 businesses, organisations, institutions, and agencies across the borough, all driven by a shared determination to effect positive change in Kirklees.

Residents and stakeholders have played a pivotal role since the inception of the action plan. The ideas and actions deliberated upon during the workshop are anticipated to yield far-reaching benefits for Kirklees as a whole, aligning with the overarching mission to curtail emissions and enhance resilience.

For more information about the Climate Change Action Plan and to stay updated on the subsequent phases of Kirklees’ climate action journey, kindly visit the official website: