Eagle-eyed fans have noticed a familiar face making regular appearances on Keighley Cougars’ social media channels. The club has now confirmed that the legendary James Feather will be linking up with the team’s revamped coaching staff.

In a transitional period for the club, interim head coach Jy-mel Coleman wasted no time in seeking Feather’s expertise. Coleman expressed the importance of bringing in Feather, a Keighley local who shares a deep passion for the club. With his wealth of experience, Feather is expected to become a great motivator and a driving force behind the team’s high standards.

Feather, who was part of a group that achieved something extraordinary with the club last year, fully understands the significance of wearing the Keighley shirt. His increased presence around the team is believed to enhance the players’ understanding of what it truly means to represent the club in Rugby League.

Fans will have the opportunity to meet and interact with Feather tomorrow night at the much-anticipated Q&A session.