Sky Cinema unveils a sneak peek at the upcoming film “Arthur’s Whisky,” featuring Academy Award® winner Diane Keaton, Olivier Award winner Patricia Hodge OBE, and the legendary Lulu. Set to hit screens later this year, this charming coming-of-age story with a twist promises to captivate audiences.

In “Arthur’s Whisky,” viewers are treated to a delightful and heartwarming comedy that celebrates the joys of living in the present. Following the passing of Joan’s (Hodge) husband, she stumbles upon his remarkable creation—an anti-aging elixir that magically reverses the years. Eager to embrace their newfound youth, Joan shares the elixir with her friends Linda (Keaton) and Susan (Lulu). Together, the rejuvenated trio embarks on a lively adventure, painting the town red. However, they quickly discover that the world they once knew has changed significantly.

Directed by Stephen Cookson, known for his works “Stanley A Man of Variety” and “Brighton,” and written by Alexis Zegerman, the film boasts a star-studded cast.

Joining the leading ladies are Screen Actors Guild Award winner David Harewood OBE, Grammy-nominated music superstar Boy George, Hayley Mills, Bill Paterson, Adil Ray, and Lawrence Chaney, the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. Additionally, Genevieve Gaunt, Esme Lonsdale, and Hannah Howland portray the younger versions of the three women, adding depth and nostalgia to the story.

“Arthur’s Whisky” is a collaborative effort between Stephen Cookson and Peter Keegan of CK Films, Pippa Cross of CrossDay Productions, and executive producers Gary Hamilton of Arclight Films, Andrew Kotliar and Matt Cohen of MEP Capital, George Bennet of Worldmakr, Alastair Burlingham of Sherborne Media, Jack Christian of Filmology, Julia Stuart and Laura Grange of Sky, and Leighton Lloyd.

Prepare to be enchanted as “Arthur’s Whisky” invites you to join an unforgettable journey through time, friendship, and embracing the joys of the present.