Channel 4 has announced that the popular primetime comedy gameshow, “I Literally Just Told You,” will be returning for a highly anticipated third series. Hosted by the renowned comedian Jimmy Carr, the show has witnessed a steady increase in viewership across linear viewing and video-on-demand platforms since its inception. The celebrity spin-off, which aired during Christmas, captivated an audience of 1.2 million viewers, tripling the share of 16-34-year-old viewers compared to the average slot.

Steven Handley, the series commissioner for Channel 4, expressed his excitement, stating, “I Literally Just Told You is one of the most creative quizzes on TV, so we are delighted that Jimmy will be back to challenge the audience with more mind-bending memory questions in the show’s biggest run to date.”

Head of Entertainment at Channel 4, Phil Harris, expressed his satisfaction in bringing back the show, saying, “Friday nights on Channel 4 are a real comedy entertainment destination, so I’m delighted to provide our viewers with more of Jimmy and Literally to solidify its place in our bold and innovative Friday night lineup.”

Richard Bacon, the creator of the show, added, “I’m really excited that it’s returning, and this time with even more episodes. We’re going to make it louder and weirder. How do I know that? I Literally Just etc etc.”

Ben Wicks, Creative Director at Expectation, the production company behind the show, celebrated the news but humorously questioned the need for a press release, stating, “This is fantastic news, but having established that nobody can remember anything, I’m not sure why we are bothering with a press release.”

“I Literally Just Told You” features four contestants in each episode, competing for a cash prize of up to £25,000. The unique aspect of the show lies in the fact that the questions are written live as the show is being filmed. They can cover a wide range of topics, including celebrity cameos, impromptu jokes, or even personal information shared by the contestants themselves.

The third series of “I Literally Just Told You” was commissioned by Steve Handley, the Commissioning Editor of Entertainment, and Phil Harris, the Head of Entertainment and Events at Channel 4. Ben Wicks, the Creative Director of Entertainment at Expectation, will oversee the series, with Dom Wells-Martin and Richard Bacon serving as Executive Producers.

Fans of the show can look forward to a brand-new season filled with captivating moments, hilarious challenges, and Jimmy Carr’s trademark wit.