Pictured: Amir Khan.

How did you find your experience the second time around?

It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. It’s like I got to be with a new family in South Africa. I’m always going to compare it with my first time in Australia but this one, for me, was way better. Great camp, the campmates were amazing. Even though I would have loved to have stayed in a little bit longer, sometimes what can happen is, if you stay longer, you can outstay your welcome. It was just a great experience and I’m just glad I had the opportunity. 

Why do you think it was better than the first time round in Australia?

I think it’s the camp and the people in the camp. I had no clue before about the show. I had to go in there this time and put my thinking cap on and be strong. I couldn’t give up on the Trials this time. It was a bit of a test for me, too. I’m scared of spiders, snakes, heights – and I managed to get through a lot of things. 

You did the World’s End Trial, the highest in I’m A Celebrity history. How did you get on if you’re scared of heights?

I didn’t look down, I literally didn’t look down. Before I stepped on to the platform, I was praying. I remember saying, ‘God, please make this easy for me.’ Then I saw the girls, Helen and Myleene, and they’d already gone. It was so embarrassing. I thought, ‘I should be the one in front, I should be leading everyone.’ Instead, they were gone. I think if I was on my own, I wouldn’t have done it, but because I was with Helen and Myleene, I just had to. I just blocked everything out. It was tunnel vision. Like going into a fight. 

You did quite a few Trials, do you think that fighting mentality kicked in this time?

The first Trial I did, I got the stars to enter the camp. The second one was in a supermarket with snakes and everything else. So in a way, I’ve overcome my fears. I just had to give it a go. I was so petrified of spiders, snakes and heights I just thought, ‘I’ve just got to give it a go’. I normally take punches for a living. I just had to set my mind into the right place. I was talking to myself and giving myself the confidence and motivation, your mind is a very powerful tool. I was so scared I just kept telling myself, ‘I’ve got to get through this, I won’t die, I’m going to be fine, I’m not going to let the team down.’  

So you never once thought of saying I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here?

I saw on the shopping list snakes was the first item in the Trial Supermarket Shriek and I had to pick snakes out of the box. I was like, ‘Argh’. But I just stayed strong. I just zoned in. In Australia, there was one Trial where I was on my hands and in the dark. This one, it was daylight and outside and it gave me a little bit more confidence. I thought, ‘I’m in an open space, if I have to run, I can run!’ And I think now if I had to do the same Trials again that were in Australia, I think I could do it as I’ve overcome my fears. 

Which of the I’m A Celebrity…South Africa campmates did you particularly bond with?

I got on really well with Jordan. We’re a similar age and he loves boxing. He knew more about boxing than I do! He was telling me about fights that I didn’t know about, which was a bit embarrassing! I was like, ‘Yeah, yeah, I saw that one!’ I must admit, I don’t really watch that much boxing myself. But he was talking about it loads. And someone else was Tuffers [Phil Tufnell]. Lovely guy, cricket man, sportsman. But I just loved his banter. He is a very funny character. I just loved being around him. He’s a little bit childish as well so I really got on with him. He’s a funny guy to be around. Another one, Paul Burrell. Paul is a really lovely guy. The last two or three days in camp we really got close. We started having little chats. To be honest with you, I didn’t really know anyone in camp when I entered. I’m really bad. The only people I knew in there was Toff and Carol Vorderman. I’m also really bad with names, I always get names wrong but people made that a bit of a joke and had a laugh about it. Luckily, they all had their names on the back of their t-shirts so sometimes I’d have a little peek at their backs as I couldn’t remember their names. But I had the best excuse ever. I’d say, it’s not because I’m dumb, it’s because I’ve been fighting all my life. 

Why did you say you wanted to leave camp when everyone had to do the secret vote?

I didn’t want to see anyone else go to be honest with you. We were all having such a great time in there. I was enjoying it, too. I gave myself the confidence that I can do the Trials. I thought, ‘I’ve got no fear now. I can do these.’ I’d impressed myself. I hope people at home say, ‘Amir has made a massive difference to the first time [in camp].’ I’ve overcome what I wanted. I didn’t want to vote anyone else out. I thought, I’ll be the one to put my hand up. It’s best to leave on a good note than do something silly… which I think was coming! Anything could have happened, you can’t be good for that long! I’ll end up doing something silly, pulling a stunt, I’m just that kind of guy. I’m just so glad in a way I didn’t do anything silly, like Strawberry-Gate, and hopefully people will now remember me for going to the jungle and saying, ‘He’s a good man’.

What would you say was the worst part of this experience?

The Trials were really hard comparing them to Australia. The long drop had no door, but to be honest I had so much rice and beans I didn’t really use it. I was sick of the rice and beans! Oh my days, they were the worst. But you know what… the whole thing really wasn’t bad. You miss your family and your friends, obviously.

What would be your best memory of this series?

Me doing the Trials and in the shopping spree Trial [Supermarket Shriek], I pulled a snake out. It wasn’t like there was one animal I had to deal with, there were loads. I literally did everything. That whole Trial had everything in. I was so zoned in. 

Did you do anything to prepare for camp this time round?

No, I’ve never been hypnotised or anything. The thing for me is I’m a little older than I was then [the first time in Australia] and I’ve got young kids. My kids are going to watch this. Sometimes you automatically scream but I thought, ‘My kids are going to watch this, I’m their hero and I thought I want to do it for them’. Last time I came across as a bit of a wuss really and I didn’t want to do that again. My kids are going to be proud of me.