The highly anticipated fourth season of the critically acclaimed detective drama “Grace” has commenced production, bringing back the talented John Simm in the lead role of Detective Superintendent Roy Grace.

Based on the internationally renowned novels by Peter James, the ITV1 series has garnered widespread acclaim for its gripping storytelling and compelling characters.

Set in the vibrant coastal city of Brighton, “Grace” features an ensemble cast, including returning actors Richie Campbell as DS Glenn Branson, Zoë Tapper as Cleo Morey, Craig Parkinson as DS Norman Potting, Laura Elphinstone as DS Bella Moy, Brad Morrison as DC Nick Nicholl, and Sam Hoare as ACC Cassian Pewe. Joining the cast this season is the esteemed TV and theatre actor Robert Glenister.

Expressing his excitement about the new season, John Simm commented, “I’m so pleased to be back on set, filming series four of Grace.

Four of Peter James’ Roy Grace novels are being adapted for this series, and Grace fans will be pleased to know the stories are as dark as ever with lots of twists and turns.”

Commissioned by ITV’s Head of Drama, Polly Hill, and Drama Commissioner, Huw Kennair Jones, the new season consists of four feature-length films, each running for 120 minutes. Huw Ken

nair Jones will oversee the production from ITV’s perspective, ensuring the continuation of the show’s high standards.

The viewership numbers for the third season have been impressive, with an average of over 5.6 million viewers per episode, surpassing the figures from the previous season.

The first episode of the third season consolidated at an impressive 6.7 million viewers.

Huw Kennair Jones expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming season, stating, “We’re thrilled to be making another series of Grace. John and the team continue to bring Peter’s brilliant characters and stories to life in such an exciting way.

“It’s also great to be working with Tall Story and Vaudeville Productions again as we head back to Brighton for four brand new cases.”

Executive Producer Patrick Schweitzer shared his delight about adapting more of Peter James’ books, saying, “I’m delighted we are getting to adapt another four of Peter’s wonderful books for ITV, and it’s great to have the cast and crew back together filming in Brighton.”

Peter James, the acclaimed author behind the Roy Grace novels, expressed his gratitude for the collaborative effort in bringing his stories to life, saying, “As a writer, the chance to have such a phenomenal and collaborative cast and crew to bring my novels to life continues to be a dream come true. Audiences have so generously embraced the series with such enthusiasm, and I cannot wait for Roy Grace fans, old and new, to see these four new episodes.”

“Grace” is a co-production between Tall Story Pictures, a part of ITV Studios, and Vaudeville Productions. The executive producers include Patrick Schweitzer for Tall Story Pictures, Andrew O’Connor, Paul Sandler for Vaudeville Productions, Kiaran Murray-Smith, and Peter James. The international distribution is handled by ITV Studios.

The writing team for the fourth season consists of Ed Whitmore for episode one, Ben Court and Caroline Ip for episode two, Tony Marchant for episode three, and Jess Williams for episode four.

The directorial responsibilities are split among Brian Kelly for the first episode, Billie Eltringham for the second episode, and Kiaran Murray-Smith, who also serves as the series producer.

The first film of the new season, titled “Dead Man’s Time,” follows Grace and Branson as they investigate a brutal robbery in a secluded Brighton home. The case takes them on a puzzling journey as they uncover the theft of valuable antiques worth thousands of pounds.

As Grace delves deeper into the enigmatic crime, he unravels a web of ancient grudges, leading him on a dark and murderous trail through Brighton’s world of antiques. Racing against the clock, Grace strives to untangle the heart of the robbery and provide Gavin Daly, the victim, with the answers he has long sought.

In the second episode, “Want You Dead,” Grace and Branson find themselves entangled in a perplexing case where appearances are deceiving. The discovery of an unidentified victim, under curious circumstances, raises more questions than answers. As Grace strives to identify the body, hoping for a crucial clue to the killer’s motive, another death occurs in central Brighton, under similarly bizarre circumstances.

Episode three, “You Are Dead,” thrusts Grace and Branson into their most unsettling and high-profile case to date. While workmen unearth skeletal remains on a path in central Brighton, another victim is brazenly abducted in broad daylight across the city. With no witnesses and no sign of the kidnapper, Grace grows suspicious of the victim’s fiancé, questioning his truthfulness with the police.

The final episode of the series, “Love You Dead,” centers around the suspicious death of a notorious burglar found in his car under gruesome circumstances. Despite his wife’s claim that he had reformed, the evidence suggests that the victim may have been up to his old tricks, breaking and entering on the night of his demise. As Grace and his team dig deeper into the circumstances surrounding the death, Roy receives a call from a U.S. police contact regarding a crime abroad, resembling a mafia hit. The authorities urgently seek a woman believed to be from Brighton, who is potentially in danger. Roy embarks on a citywide search to locate her, but soon realizes he is not the only one in pursuit of this mysterious woman.

The fourth season of “Grace” promises to deliver the signature dark and enthralling narratives that have captivated audiences thus far. With its talented cast, gripping storylines, and atmospheric setting, the series continues to redefine the genre of detective dramas. As production unfolds in Brighton, fans eagerly anticipate the release of these four new episodes, prepared to be enthralled by the masterful adaptation of Peter James’ acclaimed novels.