Shroggs Park, a popular green space and woodland area near Halifax town centre, is undergoing a comprehensive improvement project to enhance its appeal and accessibility to visitors.

Spearheaded by the Shroggs Park Partnership, consisting of the Friends of Shroggs Park Group, North Halifax Partnership, and Calderdale Council, the programme is supported by various funding sources, including the UK Government’s Levelling Up fund, Active Calderdale funding, Safer Streets Fund, and Council budgets.

The ongoing work aims to create a more inviting atmosphere by addressing key aspects identified through formal and informal consultations with park users and the local community.

Among the already initiated improvements are the reduction of overgrown shrubbery and greenery to improve the park’s appearance, and alignment with regional safety guidelines to enhance visibility and openness. Additionally, the entrance area is being revamped, and safety features are being enhanced throughout the park.

Notable changes include the development of wildflower areas within the former pond structure and the installation of new picnic benches.

Fencing surrounding the pavilion and bowling greens has been removed, and plans are underway to replace the deteriorated pavilion with an open space adorned with planters, benches, and further landscaping.

The park’s paths will be upgraded, and woodland walks will be developed, while the historic fountain receives a thorough cleaning and refurbishment. Ongoing planting and revitalization of park flower beds are scheduled for the entirety of 2023.

While the funding comes from various sources, the overarching goal remains consistent: to improve the park for the benefit of all visitors and enhance their overall experience.

The Shroggs Park Partnership maintains regular meetings to track progress and ensure that decisions align with a community-driven approach.

Councillor Jenny Lynn, Cabinet Member for Public Services and Communities at Calderdale Council, expressed gratitude for the collaboration between local groups and the significant funding secured for the park’s improvements.

Cllr Lynn emphasized the vital role of parks and green spaces in promoting the health and well-being of communities and highlighted the sustainable enhancements at Shroggs Park as an effort to create an accessible and well-maintained environment for everyone to enjoy.

Jayne Spencer, Chair of the Friends of Shroggs Park group, highlighted their long-standing involvement in park initiatives and the recent collaboration with the Council, North Halifax Partnership, and community stakeholders to influence and shape future improvements.

Spencer expressed the group’s unwavering commitment to the long-term relationship formed through the Shroggs Park Partnership, stressing that the planned significant enhancements would ensure the park’s sustainability and preserve its cherished status among locals.