In a bold move to adapt to the digital age, Channel 4 has announced the unification of all its digital, social, and linear channels under a single brand. The streaming service, All 4, will now be known as ‘Channel 4’, solidifying the broadcaster’s commitment to a streaming-first approach. The aim is to provide audiences with a more seamless and connected viewing experience across all platforms.

To accomplish this, Channel 4 has collaborated with design consultancy Pentagram and its in-house creative agency, 4creative, to develop a cohesive brand identity. With an ever-expanding digital content landscape, the new design aims to assist viewers in recognising and accessing their favourite content and programs from the channel.

At the core of the new brand identity is the revival of Channel 4’s iconic blocks, which have been reunited after eight years apart. The renowned Lambie-Nairn ‘4’ logo takes centre stage, serving as a guide for viewers navigating through Channel 4’s diverse content universe. The brand’s visual elements feature a vibrant green ‘4’ and a wider colour system of immersive gradients, reflecting the alternative spirit of the channel.

Additionally, a new iconographic language, including a set of ‘4mojis’, has been developed to infuse the brand with a playful touch, even in functional communications. These new brand assets are backed by flexible behavioural principles, enabling Channel 4 to retain its creative spirit in its communications. This approach, coupled with a refined brand architecture and a well-defined personality and tone of voice, provides a framework for future creative evolution.

Lynsey Atkin, Executive Creative Director at 4creative, expressed excitement about the project, stating, “It has been a privilege to work with the team at Pentagram to create a new identity for Britain’s most visually progressive broadcaster. Bringing back our iconic logo and putting it front and centre, amongst a modern and vibrant system, made distinct through colour, motion, and typography, gives us the consistency necessary in today’s visually noisy world, whilst still allowing us the creative spirit inherent within the Channel 4 brand.”

Luke Powell, Partner and Creative Director at Pentagram emphasised the importance of balancing creativity and cohesion, stating, “The ask to work on a brand that is inherently rebellious and unapologetically creative, but also in need of cohesion and clarity across its channels and platforms, could seem contradictory. However, embracing this duality, the master brand system we’ve created unifies where it needs to, but encourages expression the rest of the time.”

To bring the new brand identity to life, Channel 4 collaborated with motion design specialists Found and digital experts Stink Studios. The result is a visual and audio identity that will be implemented across all of Channel 4’s platforms. Moreover, Channel 4 plans to unveil a series of brand-new idents later this summer, designed as an inclusive system that celebrates the diversity of modern Britain.

The transformation of Channel 4’s brand signifies its determination to adapt to the rapidly evolving digital landscape while providing audiences with an enhanced viewing experience. With its fresh identity, Channel 4 is ready to embark on a future filled with innovative ideas, stories, and imagery.