Castleford Tigers has issued a statement to address recent speculation regarding a potential takeover of the club, aiming to provide supporters with an update on the current situation. Ian Fulton, alongside the Board of Directors, emphasises that they have been acting as custodians of the club and have managed its affairs as a business for the past decade. Notably, the club achieved significant milestones during this period, securing its first-ever League Leaders Shield, making appearances in a Grand Final, and reaching two Challenge Cup Finals.

In the past five years, Castleford Tigers has engaged in discussions with various individuals and consortiums regarding potential investment or a complete takeover. However, most prospective parties have shown a focus on financing the stadium and associated land, which the board believes is not a sustainable model for success. Prior to the pandemic, the club was in talks with a potential buyer, but due to the lockdown and subsequent losses suffered by his businesses, the buyer’s interest waned, preventing further progress on the deal.

Since emerging from the pandemic, Castleford Tigers has been in contact with numerous interested parties, resulting in two separate groups expressing their interest in taking the club forward. The club assures its supporters that any significant developments will be promptly communicated. Meanwhile, the current owners, board, staff, coaches, and players remain dedicated to turning the season around through hard work and determination.

Acknowledging the current low morale among the fanbase, Castleford Tigers understands the difficulty and frustration experienced by supporters. While they accept the criticism directed at the club, they appeal to individuals to refrain from resorting to personal insults and threats towards players and staff members. The board and senior management operate an open-door policy and encourage supporters to discuss their concerns in person. Those interested in engaging in such discussions are invited to contact, and a member of staff will respond accordingly.

Undoubtedly, Castleford Tigers recognises that they are in a challenging battle, both on and off the field. However, with the unwavering support of their dedicated fanbase, the club firmly believes they can emerge victorious from this struggle.

The coaches and players are implementing changes and have recently made additions to the squad, which they believe will contribute to an improved second half of the season that everyone can take pride in.

In recent days, the club has experienced player movement, with some players departing. Castleford Tigers extends their best wishes to these players and expresses gratitude for their services throughout the years. The club acknowledges that both players had opportunities to secure deals beyond this season, and in fairness, they were allowed to pursue those opportunities. This has provided Castleford Tigers with the chance to bring in new faces and rejuvenate the squad for the remainder of the season.

The club now awaits a date for the stadium development proposal to be presented before the planning committee. Castleford Tigers urges those who have yet to support the stadium redevelopment and Axiom site to do so. The backing of the Castleford fans and the wider Castleford community will play a crucial role in obtaining the necessary planning permission.