The campmates are enduring a thunderous night in camp, as the heavens open and rain pours down on them.

Carol opts to move beds and top and tail with Fatima. She explains: “My bed is out on the edge of camp and it was sodden and it was getting worse.

“So instead, I had a human hot water bottle for the night.”

Carol says: “We were both warm, Fatima’s not a wriggler, I can tell you that for nothing. I slept soundly to be honest.”

The next morning, it’s wind of a different kind that becomes the topic of conversation in camp.

Loudly farting, Joe admits of their bean-based diet: “They make me very windy. I’m doing a lot of farting.”

As camp laughs about his toilet noises, he adds: “I woke myself up with my own fart.”

Fatima jokingly walks over and farts near him.

Laughing that her fart was more powerful as she’s an Olympian, Joe says: “It came out with some velocity… it was definitely a more powerful fart than I’ve ever done myself.”

Fatima jokes her name could be: “Fart-ima!”

Joe adds: “Because I love her so much, I quite appreciated it.”


Later, Myleene announces to camp there’s a new Bush Bulletin.

She reveals: “Celebrities, it is time to take part in today’s Pride challenge.”

Continuing, Myleene says: “Prides will go head-to-head to complete the Hell Raise Maze.”

Six ropes are attached to a maze, one for each Pride member. The campmates in each Pride need to work together to manoeuvre the ball through the maze, until they can carefully drop the ball out onto a podium. The team that gets their ball onto the podium in the quickest time wins.

And there’s a big treat on the line, as the campmates learn the winning Pride will get to choose one member to receive a phone call from home.

Janice responds: “My goodness gracious.”

Joe admits: “It put me into a little bit of a ‘dizzle’.”

But which of the Prides will effectively work together to win the prize? And who will get that all important phone call?


In camp, chat has turned to the soaps.

Carol asks Joe and Dean: “You were in EastEnders together weren’t you?”

Joe replies: “Yeah, not long though.”

Dean says: “When I came back you were there. I left a couple of years ago. I’ve been back about five times now.”

Joe asks: “Would you go back again?”

Dean says: “Yeah.”

Joe admits: “I wouldn’t mind [going back] you know. Purely because of the family. Because you know what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, when you’re doing it. They’ve never asked me to go back in again, not once mate!” 

He admits: “[It was] the worst ‘out-ro’ ever… I didn’t even leave at the end of the episode. You know you leave and you get the ‘duff duff’, mine I went to Norwich to be a bellboy at a hotel and mid-scene just walked in The Vic went, ‘See you later’, turned back to Phil, come to me and I’d gone… What? That was it? No duff duff. I was there 5 years and not one duff duff!”

In the Bush Telegraph, Joe says: “People think I can phone up EastEnders and go, ‘I’m ready to come back now guys.’ They have not phoned me. Let me make this clear. EastEnders have never phoned me to get me back on the show.”

Meanwhile, Myleene tells Carol: “When I joined the Miss Saigon cast, I was lined up with all the other girls and I was told, ‘You’ve got to lose weight’.

“I wasn’t pulled aside. I wanted the ground to swallow me up. Rather than my ability, my singing, my dance, my acting… and they’d cast me in the role, remember.”

She continues: “And then I got in the band [Hear’Say] and I had other band managers coming up saying, ‘You’re the fattest band in pop’. Newspapers then were writing it… You won’t have to look hard to find those headlines. So again, rather than the fact we had talent, I could read any music, play most instruments you put in front of me… it came back to ‘fattest band in pop’.”

Myleene reveals: “We got sent flowers from Elton John who said we were the ugliest band in pop. He realised, maybe I shouldn’t have said that. He sent ‘sorry flowers’ to us… I look back at that time, it was a different time in history.”

She adds in the Bush Telegraph: “I was asked to change my name. I was told people wouldn’t be able to pronounce it because it was quite an ethnic name. You’d be cancelled if you said something like that now. I was told to use my middle name. I am not using my middle name. My middle name is Angela. ‘Alright, Ang!’”


Ant and Dec arrive in camp and they have some huge news for the campmates revealing: “Today, the stakes are raised. Joe and Dean as Pride leaders today you’ve got your biggest decision yet.”

Joe and Dean are asked to stand in front of the other campmates.

Ant explains: “You’re each going to pick two members of your Pride to go head-to-head in a Trial. You can’t pick yourselves. The winners will get a final picnic at the waterfall. It comes with celebratory bubbles.

“That’s the good news. The bad news, unlike the first two Trials, this time the losing pair will leave camp forever.”

Joe wails: “Oh, no!”

So which two are they picking and which two are they risking to go home…?