Calderdale Council is set to convey an important message to the UK’s Real Estate Investment and Infrastructure Forum (UKREiiF), taking place in Leeds from May 16th to 18th.

The council is eager to showcase Calderdale as a remarkable investment opportunity, boasting a unique historical background and a future filled with exciting prospects.

The UKREiiF serves as a comprehensive three-day event encompassing networking opportunities, exhibitions, and conferences. It facilitates collaboration between the public sector, government entities, investors, funders, developers, housebuilders, and more, with the ultimate goal of attracting inward investment and fostering economic growth.

In collaboration with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority and other local authorities in the region, the council is actively engaging with potential investors and employers. Their aim is to invigorate job creation and business growth, not only in the borough of Calderdale but also throughout the wider West Yorkshire region.

The event garners the attendance of investors from across the UK and the world. Representatives from Calderdale Council will participate in three panel sessions hosted at the West Yorkshire Pavilion, an esteemed platform that showcases the finest attributes of the borough.

The initial session, ‘Yorkshire’s Happy Valley,’ scheduled for Tuesday, May 16th, will delve into the distinctive character of Calderdale. This session will highlight exceptional developments in the borough and feature notable speakers such as Cllr Tim Swift, the Leader of the Council, Nicky Chance-Thompson, Chief Executive of the Piece Hall, and Jeremy Hall, Chairman and Managing Director of Dean Clough. Their insights will shed light on key opportunities for future growth and development.

Cllr Swift will also contribute to a session titled ‘West Yorkshire: Investing for Net Zero 2038,’ where regional leaders will assess the progress made on the sustainability journey of West Yorkshire. This session will serve as a platform to propose innovative ideas and solutions to overcome future challenges.

On Wednesday, May 17th, Cllr Jane Scullion, Deputy Leader of Calderdale Council, will join senior leaders from across West Yorkshire, including the Mayor of West Yorkshire, Tracy Brabin, in a session called ‘The Vision for West Yorkshire.’ Attendees will gain valuable insights into the ambitious plans for the region’s future.

All the panel sessions offer valuable opportunities to promote Calderdale’s numerous qualities as an ideal business destination. These sessions will attract inward investment, while also highlighting the borough’s pivotal role within the broader West Yorkshire region.

Calderdale’s entrepreneurial spirit will also be thrust into the spotlight during the Vision2024 social media takeover week, which coincides with the UKREiiF conference. From May 15th to May 19th, the Council will share engaging content on its social media channels, focusing on enterprise, one of the five themes of Vision 2024 for Calderdale.

Local residents and organizations are encouraged to actively participate by using the hashtags #enterprising and #VisionCdale2024. They are invited to share their experiences and insights, highlighting what makes Calderdale such a vibrant and enterprising place.

The Leader of Calderdale Council, Cllr Tim Swift, said; “The UKREiiF conference is an opportunity for Calderdale to position itself on the national and international stage as a place of kindness, creativity and enterprise, and a chance to celebrate our thriving towns and exciting future opportunities.

“We’re taking part in a number of panel sessions as part of the West Yorkshire presence at the event. We’ll be discussing regional objectives, such as our journey to net zero and also showcasing the unique character of Calderdale. This will include sharing learning around significant recent developments and highlighting the opportunities of our growing cultural scene and how this is attracting further investment.

“It’s a great time to live in Calderdale and a great time to do business here. We want to shout about our achievements and our ambitions, to attract further investment and make our future even brighter. We’re amplifying the messages of UKREiiF on our social media accounts throughout the week of the 15 May, further celebrating local enterprise.”