Calderdale Council is taking proactive steps to minimise disruption caused by essential road works on the A646, Burnley Road, near Hebden Bridge. The council sincerely apologises for any inconvenience caused by the works on Friday 12 May.

Under the A646 Corridor Improvement Programme, safety enhancements on this bustling road commenced on Friday 12 May, focusing on the stretch between Stubbing Holme Road and the Heptonstall Road junction. The project involves widening footways and upgrading Heptonstall Junction.

To ensure the work is conducted safely, temporary traffic lights have been installed. Although some level of disruption is inevitable, the Council is exerting maximum effort to expedite the project and minimise traffic impact in the vicinity.

The work is being carried out seven days a week, with traffic lights staffed from 7 am to 7 pm daily, allowing adjustments to accommodate varying traffic conditions throughout the day.

Friday 12 May proved to be an exceptionally challenging day for commuters, as unplanned utility works compounded traffic problems, aggravated further by a train strike.

In response to the congestion experienced, additional personnel have been deployed over the weekend and will remain on-site throughout the week to assist in traffic management. Priority is being given to school buses, acknowledging that some students are currently taking exams.

Furthermore, parking areas in the vicinity have been coned off to facilitate traffic flow around the temporary traffic lights. The Council kindly requests that motorists respect the coned-off spaces and drive considerately, adhering to the rules in place for everyone’s safety.

As the works progress, traffic management will be simplified in the coming days, further reducing associated disruptions. The situation will continue to be vigilantly monitored, with proactive responses implemented as necessary.

The ongoing project is anticipated to conclude within two to three weeks. Additional works are scheduled for June around Hebden Bridge, where trial holes will be dug by the Environment Agency to inform the final designs for a flood alleviation scheme. Further information regarding these works will be provided as the current scheme progresses, with an estimated completion time of approximately five weeks. Throughout these works, every effort will be made to minimise disruption.

Market Street resurfacing is also a top priority for the Council, and the current project has been scheduled to allow for swift execution in early July. Notably, the resurfacing work will be conducted at night, ensuring no traffic management is required during the day.

Upon completion, the works will enhance safety for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians, while also complementing other planned improvements to optimise long-term traffic flow. These improvements will support the Environment Agency’s efforts to bolster flood resilience in the town.

Assistant Director for Strategic Infrastructure at Calderdale Council, Adrian Gill, expressed understanding of the frustrations caused by road works and extended apologies for the significant disruption encountered on Friday 12 May. Extra staff have been deployed to monitor queues and maintain traffic flow as swiftly as possible.

While some delays are unavoidable during this project, the Council expects that under normal conditions, disruptions like those experienced on Friday will not recur. As the work progresses, traffic management requirements will decrease, leading to improved traffic flow. However, the situation will be closely monitored, and further actions will be taken if deemed necessary.

Gill emphasised that the timing of the works was strategically chosen to prevent additional disruptions caused by essential works in the area. These infrastructure enhancements are part of a broader initiative to improve this busy road, ultimately benefiting all road users in the long run.