A man who sexually assaulted a student during a burglary at her home in Leeds has been jailed following an investigation by specialist safeguarding officers.

Brima Turay, aged 50, targeted the victim’s home in Hyde Park during the early hours of the morning in September last year.

He climbed into bed with the sleeping victim and began touching her before she turned over and confronted him.

She screamed and he ran out of the address but returned and stole a laptop, I-phone and Apple watch while the victim sought help from her housemates.

Turay, of Iveson Gardens, Lawnswood, was quickly identified as the suspect from fingerprints found at the scene and was arrested the following day.

He was subsequently charged with burglary and remanded in custody while enquiries continued into the sexual assault.

He later pleaded guilty to burglary but denied the sexual offence and was convicted after a trial.

At Leeds Crown Court on Tuesday, Turay was sentenced to five years and six months custody as part of an extended sentence that includes an additional four years on licence after release. He was given 19 months imprisonment for the burglary, to run concurrently.

He will also be place on the Sex Offenders Register for life.

Detective Inspector Mark Tester, of Leeds District Safeguarding Unit, said: “Turay’s actions have shown him to be an individual who presents a high risk to women, and he is now safely behind bars as a result of this investigation.

“This was a particularly disturbing incident, and the victim was understandably traumatised at the time and is continuing to experience flashbacks and have difficulty sleeping.

“Specialist safeguarding officers supported her throughout the investigation and the trial process, and we hope that knowing Turay has now been held accountable will provide some degree of comfort to her as she continues to move on with her life.

“Sexual offences of this nature will always attract the highest level of investigation, and we hope the successful outcome of this case will help to give anyone who is a victim of offences such as these the confidence to come forward.”