Bradford Council’s Executive is set to review and potentially approve a revised plan to construct a new short-stay care home facility in Saltaire, specifically at the former Neville Grange Care home site. The decision will be made during the council’s meeting scheduled for next week.

The proposed care home in Saltaire aims to cater to the needs of older individuals requiring respite care or those who have been discharged from the hospital but still require additional support to regain their confidence before returning home. Furthermore, it will enable the closure of two smaller elderly care homes that are no longer deemed suitable for their intended purpose.

The design of the new care home primarily focuses on providing assistance to individuals living with dementia and their families. It will collaborate with health services to offer short-term care, with the objective of rehabilitating and supporting residents in reintegrating into the community.

Councillor Sarah Ferriby, the Executive Member for Healthy People and Places at Bradford Council expressed the necessity of this new initiative, stating, “This new scheme is a much-needed addition to our range of accommodation options for residents in the district, delivering improved care and support. It will empower residents to live more fulfilling and independent lives.”

Cllr Ferriby further highlighted the financial considerations, noting that the cost of renovating the existing care homes outweighs the long-term expenses associated with constructing the new facility. Additionally, the new care home will adhere to government building regulations and contribute to reducing the council’s carbon footprint.

If the Bradford Council’s Executive approves the plan, it will signify a significant step towards enhancing the care services available to older individuals in the area, promoting their well-being and independence.