A group of Bradford College students had a unique opportunity to test their skills by taking over the operations of a prestigious local hotel for a day. The Level 3 learners from Travel, Aviation, Hospitality & Events received guidance from industry professionals throughout the week, learning the intricacies of successfully managing a hotel.

During their time at the Great Victoria Hotel in Bradford, the students assumed various roles, ranging from office tasks to front desk duties. On Friday, they were given the chance to showcase their newly acquired skills to both hotel and college staff by overseeing the hotel’s operations.

Daniel Kirkham, the Hotel General Manager, expressed his pleasure in hosting the hotel takeover: “Over the past week, we have had the privilege of ten students shadowing ten of my key staff members. The goal was for the students to gain knowledge and practical experience in all key roles within a hotel setting, including management, sales, and reception. They have been involved in various day-to-day activities such as check-ins, payments, handling inquiries, organizing events, and more.”

Kirkham commended the commitment, aptitude, and professionalism displayed by all participating students, recognizing their potential for success in the hotel industry or any other career path they choose. He extended his gratitude to the students for their hard work and expressed hope that they found the experience valuable.

The Great Victoria Hotel, located in the heart of Bradford, offers visitors a glimpse of 19th-century grandeur and charm. It proved to be an ideal setting for the students to gain practical work experience that complements their academic learning.

Karen Lupton, a Placements Administrator in the Work Experience and Industry Placements department at Bradford College, revealed that the project required six months of planning. Lupton emphasized the importance of work experience as an integral part of the student’s courses, providing them with practical skills and a certificate to validate their competence in their chosen field.

Lupton further expressed optimism about the collaboration between Bradford College and the Great Victoria Hotel, envisioning it as a valuable resource for the student’s future endeavours and a means for them to acquire the necessary skills for their desired careers.

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