Today, the BBC announced the launch of a captivating new podcast series titled “History’s Secret Heroes” on BBC Radio 4. Narrated by the talented actress Helena Bonham Carter, the podcast delves into the astonishing tales of unsung heroes from the Second World War whose remarkable acts of resistance, deception, and courage shaped the course of the war.

“History’s Secret Heroes” sheds light on ordinary individuals with extraordinary stories, showcasing their unparalleled contributions to the war effort. In each episode, listeners will be captivated by the narratives of lesser-known heroes, such as Major Charity Adams, the first African American woman to hold an officer position in the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps, and Bela Hazan, a young Jewish woman who fearlessly operated undercover within the Gestapo headquarters, fighting against the Nazis.

The podcast also brings attention to the inspiring account of Virginia Hall, an American woman who played a pivotal role in organising the French resistance and masterminded one of the most successful prison breaks of the war. Moreover, Helena Bonham Carter explores the incredible journey of American actor George Takei, renowned for his role in “Star Trek,” who, at the tender age of five, was forcibly removed from his home following the Pearl Harbour attack. Takei, along with 120,000 other Japanese Americans, was unjustly imprisoned without trial.

Expressing her enthusiasm for the project, Helena Bonham Carter commented, “Both sets of my grandparents were unconventional war heroes, so I was thrilled to be involved with this fascinating new series and help tell these lesser known, but extraordinary, stories from World War II. The risks these people took and the number of lives they saved was nothing short of heroic, and it’s a privilege to shine a light on their acts of courage.”

“History’s Secret Heroes” will be available as a boxset on BBC Sounds starting from 31 May, providing listeners with the opportunity to delve into the gripping stories at their own pace. Additionally, the podcast will be broadcasted weekly on BBC Radio 4, every Tuesday at 11:30, commencing from 31 May.

This captivating production is brought to you by BBC Studios specifically for BBC Radio 4, commissioned by Rhian Roberts.

Do not miss the opportunity to uncover the extraordinary tales of these unsung heroes who played a pivotal role in changing the course of history. Tune in to “History’s Secret Heroes” on BBC Radio 4 and immerse yourself in the courage and resilience of these remarkable individuals.