Starship Technologies, the world’s leading provider of autonomous delivery services, has joined forces with Co-op and Wakefield Council to introduce autonomous grocery delivery to the residents of Wakefield. Starting today, robots will be making their way to Wakefield, offering convenient and efficient delivery services.

Initially, the service will be available to 13,000 residents residing in over 6,500 households. To place orders, customers can utilise the Starship food delivery app, which can be easily downloaded on iOS and Android devices. The groceries will be hand-picked from the local Co-op store situated on Meadow Vale, Outwood, and delivered to customers’ doorsteps in a matter of minutes.

In addition to the seamless delivery service, Starship introduces a recently launched feature allowing customers to customise their delivery experience with three robot ‘characters.’ Wakefield residents can choose to receive their orders from Sir Lance-a-bot, Gizmo, or Sunshine, each providing a unique greeting. Furthermore, customers can select a song for their robot to play upon arrival, adding a touch of personalisation.

The launch in Wakefield marks Starship’s expansion throughout Yorkshire and the northern regions of England. The company’s robots have already become a familiar sight and gained popularity in various locations across the UK, including Leeds, Trafford, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Bedford, Cambourne, and Cambridge.

Councillor Matthew Morley, Wakefield Council’s Cabinet Member for Planning and Highways, expressed excitement about the introduction of this cutting-edge technology to the district. He emphasised how this innovation provides affordable and convenient grocery shopping for residents who may face difficulties in getting out and about. Councillor Morley also highlighted the environmentally-friendly aspect of the service, as the robots produce zero emissions and help reduce food waste by allowing customers to order precisely what they need.

Andrew Curtis, UK Operations Manager at Starship Technologies, expressed delight in officially launching the service in Wakefield. Curtis emphasised the benefits of the company’s fleet of battery-powered robots, including ease and convenience for customers and a positive environmental impact. By eliminating short car journeys to the supermarket, the robots contribute to cleaner air and a sustainable future.

Chris Conway, eCommerce Director at Co-op, stated that Co-op stores are strategically positioned within local communities, making them ideal for quick, easy, and convenient home deliveries. Conway reaffirmed Co-op’s commitment to exploring new and innovative ways to enhance access to their products and services, expressing enthusiasm for rolling out autonomous robot deliveries to offer additional online flexibility and choice to Wakefield residents.

Celebrating five years of commercial service, Starship Technologies has successfully completed over 4 million deliveries worldwide. Their robots safely cross 140,000 roads each day. The company’s service is highly regarded for its convenience and ability to accommodate customers’ busy lives, with nearly 25% of Starship’s customers either having accessibility needs or living with someone who does.

Customers can select from a wide range of grocery items and schedule their deliveries. By dropping a pin on the app to specify the delivery location, customers can track the robot’s real-time journey via an interactive map. Upon arrival, customers receive an alert and can unlock the robot’s lid through the app to retrieve their groceries.

With delivery fees starting at just 99p, Starship’s battery-powered robots are lightweight and travel at pedestrian speeds. Equipped with advanced sensors, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, they navigate pavements and effortlessly manoeuvre around obstacles. Computer vision-based navigation allows the robots to map their surroundings with remarkable precision.

The partnership between Starship Technologies, Co-op, and Wakefield Council aims to revolutionise grocery delivery in Wakefield, offering residents an innovative and eco-friendly solution that saves time and provides convenience at their fingertips.