Officers from Bradford Council’s Environmental Enforcement Team have taken another vehicle which had been involved in fly-tipping off the road.

Last week Bradford Council’s Environmental Enforcement Team with assistance from Keighley Neighbourhood Policing Team seized the vehicle in the Silsden area of the district.

The council received numerous reports of the white Ford Transit van fly-tipping waste on a back street off Beldon Road in Great Horton.

The crime was captured on a local resident’s CCTV and footage was provided to the council showing the occupants of the van fly-tipping mattresses onto the backstreet.

Initial investigations were carried out, but the whereabouts of the vehicle couldn’t be traced. Details of the vehicle were then passed on to the Council’s Parking Services and their CCTV Team as well as the Police to assist in locating the van.

Whilst on patrol Bradford Council Parking Wardens spotted the van parked illegally on Halifax Road in Keighley and Keighley’s Neighbourhood Policing Team the Council’s Environmental Enforcement Officers were notified to help seize the vehicle.

The vehicle was subsequently stopped by police in the car park of the Co-Op in Silsden, where it was seized by the Council’s Environmental Enforcement Team.

A Bradford Council spokesperson, said: “This is yet another example of our collaborative working across the district and with West Yorkshire Police in seizing this and other vehicles involved in this environmental crime, we are taking action against those who seek to blight our neighbourhoods with this type of illegal activity.

“Investigations are ongoing and the vehicle owner is due to be interviewed shortly. If the vehicle is found not to be roadworthy or have any resale value it will be crushed.”

Anyone who sees fly-tipping taking place is asked to note down as many details as possible, including times and dates and vehicle registration numbers and location and inform the council.