Cyclists who regularly commute to, live in or visit Bradford city centre now have a range of convenient locations to securely store their bikes.

Bradford Council has worked in partnership with BikeAway to install secure bike parking in Bradford city centre, following requests from the people for more facilities to store their bikes.

There are now 40 bike lockers across four locations: at John Street, Broadway, Glydegate Square and Rawson Place – of which around 20 are still available.

The lockers are designed so that most bikes can be stored vertically without the need to remove the front wheel. They also meet high security standards, having been awarded the Sold Secure Diamond Standard, the highest level set for secure cycle storage.

Kate Stanley, Bradford Council’s Energy & Environment Officer, said: “We are really pleased that half of these lockers have now been rented. It shows that we have a growing number of people regularly travelling to the city centre by bike, a cleaner, more sustainable mode of transport. If you regularly cycle into the city centre, or know someone who does, please consider these lockers as a safe and secure way to store your bikes.”

The lockers can be rented for a year for £50 plus a £20 refundable key deposit. Rental is managed by BikeAway who supply the lockers.

Location and availability of lockers are shown on the BikeAway website