Police have launched a knife amnesty in Bradford to support the Knife Angel which is currently on view outside City Hall.

A knife bin will be installed at Trafalgar House Police Station, Nelson Street from Monday 24 April to Friday 28 April.

The knife bin is for anyone who wants to dispose of bladed weapons and other offensive weapons.

The amnesty gives members of the public the chance to dispose of a knife anonymously with no questions asked.

Those surrendering knives or weapons at the Police station are not required to give any personal details and will not face prosecution for carrying them to surrender. You must travel straight to the Police station to surrender.

The Offensive Weapons Act 2019 now makes it illegal to possess offensive weapons in a private place. There are a number of offensive weapons included in the legislation such as flick knives, knuckle dusters.

Superintendent Richard Padwell of Bradford District Police said; “It’s great to see the Knife Angel in Bradford with the hope to raise awareness that carrying a knife is never the answer.

“Knife crime causes harm to the communities we police and misery to those directly caught up in it.

“We are committed to working with our partners to prevent and tackle knife crime

“We are fully supportive of the knife amnesty as part of the campaign to educate and change behaviours around violent crime.”

Michelle Buchan, Knife Angel Project Lead & Team Manager Bradford Youth Justice Service said; “It is really important to hold this amnesty as part of the Knife Angel Bradford Project as it coincides with a huge educational programme to address motivations for weapon-carrying. Bradford Youth Justice Service are working closely with partners to educate the whole community about the risks and impact of carrying knives which minimises the chances of people being seriously or fatally hurt.

“Every weapon collected in this amnesty is a potential life saved so I would urge people to help us make our streets safer by dropping off their dangerous or unwanted knives and blades at Trafalgar House Police Station during the advertised period.”

Mayor of West Yorkshire, Tracy Brabin added; “I would urge anybody who carries a knife as a weapon to use this opportunity to dispose of it anonymously during the amnesty.

“The Knife Angel in Bradford is a stark reminder of their fatal consequences. One less knife on our streets can help us avoid more lives being tragically lost to senseless violence.”

The knife bin will be at Trafalgar House Police Station, Nelson Street, Bradford BD5 0DZ at the helpdesk from Monday 24 April to Friday 28 April.

The opening hours are: 8am – 8pm.