She famously freaked out doing seven Bushtucker Trials on the trot over a decade ago but now former Coronation Street actress Helen Flanagan is determined to face up to her fears.

Helen, 32, who played Rosie Webster in the ITV1 soap, was voted by the public to take part in most of the 2012 trials after she confessed on the first day of the hit series she was a ‘scaredy cat’.

The actress reveals today she has signed up to take part in the South African version of I’m A Celebrity because she wants to conquer her fears. She also wants to prove to the nation she has the guts to do the Trials.

“It’s going to be different. I was only 22 back then and I am 32 now. I have grown up a lot and I’ve had three children and I’ve gone through three labours! I won’t not finish the trials because my mindset will be very different this time around.”

“When I went in the jungle the first time, I didn’t prepare at all. I didn’t have a clue what I had let myself in for and I cried even when my phone got taken off me after landing in Australia. I want to make my children proud when I take part this time.”

Now looking forward to facing up to her fears, the 32-year-old does, however, warn she won’t be a jungle warrior.

Says Helen: “I am not saying I am going to go in and be a jungle warrior and be absolutely amazing because I will not. Yes I will be scared but I will have a go and I will be a lot better than last time.”

She laughs and then quips: “When I see Ant & Dec in the South African jungle, I will joke I am not going to do the Trials! It will also be really nice to see Ant & Dec again in a funny sort of way!”

Unlike some of her fellow celebrity contestants, Helen has no idea what to expect in South Africa. She has never visited South Africa before and she says her way of preparing for the experience is to not over analyse everything. “I am just going to be brave and get on with it,” she adds.

“I am nervous about leaving my children whilst I go off and film the series but I’ve made them little cards to open for when I am away.”

Citing Gillian McKeith as someone she would love to meet because ‘she was also a very funny’ previous contestant, Helen is also hoping there won’t be too many Trials involving heights. She admits: “I am not a massive fan of height challenges and I had to do one in Australia.”

Yet despite her infamous Trials, Helen reveals her experience in Australia just over ten years ago wasn’t a total nightmare. “I really liked the social aspect of I’m A Celebrity,” she explains. “I got on really well with everyone and I do have some fun fond memories of my time on the show. I was never bored either because I was always doing Trials!

I do still watch the show and I like watching people have a go who I know. It’s a huge programme and everyone loves Ant & Dec. Doing I’m A Celebrity did change things for me because I became known for the jungle (as well as Corrie).”

Winning an all-star version, stresses the actress, isn’t something that is on her agenda. “I want to go back on I’m A Celebrity to be a better version of myself,” adds Helen. “I want to do a lot better than the first time around and I want to give the Trials a go. I want to make myself proud.”

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here ! Begins Monday 24th April at 9:00pm