Darrell Rivers and the gang return to Malory Towers, for what Darrell’s sure will be their best year yet! They’re fourth-formers now, at the top of the Lower School (years 1-4), with all sorts of new responsibilities and privileges. And most exciting of all, Darrell’s little sister Felicity (April V Woods) is joining the school…

But Felicity has her own plans for striking out on her own, having fun and making friends –which puts her and new best friend June Johns (Edesiri P Okpenerho)(a very bad influence!) on a collision course with Darrell, who has been newly-appointed as Head of Lower School.

Darrell’s brimming with pride at the responsibility of her new position.She hopes she’s conquered her terrible temper, but with the one person who really knows how to trigger it, she’s at risk of losing her self-control –her headship –and worst of all –her sister’s loyalty and love…

What can we expect from Malory Towers Series 4?

You’ll be introduced to many new characters. The episodes are filled with exciting new opportunities and responsibilities for the girls, plus interesting relationships develop between some of the characters. And, of course, more mischief, fun and adventures!

Darrell’s now Head of Lower School; how do you think Darrell has grown since starting at Malory Towers?

Darrell has grown tremendously since starting at Malory Towers. She has always had a strong moral compass, but her temper would often get in the way. She still loves to have fun, but she has matured through the years, and she takes her responsibilities and schoolwork seriously. She continues to work hard to control her fiery temper, and she wants to be a good role model for the Lower Form

What was it like working with the new cast members? And getting to spend more time with April Woods, who plays Darrell’s little sister Felicity?

The new cast members have brought so much joy and excitement to the set. Getting to work with each of them has been such a pleasure, as they’re so young but incredibly talented – and hilarious. April is amazing and it’s been an honour getting to work with her side by side. I miss my little sisters when I’m away filming, so playing April’s on-screen sister feels very comforting and natural.

What was your favourite moment from filming this series?

We got really into playing card games together this series (cheat being our favourite). Every chance we got, we’d step off set and resume a rather competitive – but equally fun – game of cards.

Which Malory Towers character would you want to take with you if you were hunting for pirate treasure?

If I were hunting for pirate treasure, I’d like to take both the Johns girls with me! Alicia and June have serious dedication and are big risk-takers, so they’d ensure that we would have a great adventure. We’d definitely find the treasure at the end because the Johns don’t stop until they get what they want.

What do you hope audiences will take away from this series?

I hope that the audience falls in love with the First Formers, as we all have. What makes Malory Towers such a special show is the power of friendship. It runs deep through all the seasons and I hope that message continues to resonate in series four.

Malory Towers Series 4, episode 1 will air on CBBC and BBC iPlayer on 8 May 2023