Senior councillors are to discuss continuing a three-year grant that supports the work of Voluntary and Community sector organisations across our district.

Members of the Cabinet, (meeting on 25 April), will be asked to provide Nova Wakefield District with £147,000 of funding from July 2023 until June 2026, as part of a partnership arrangement that involves the same contribution from Wakefield District Health & Care Partnership (WDHCP).

Nova Wakefield District is a membership organisation which supplies services that support and empower the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sectors across Wakefield District.

It benefits people’s lives by contributing to promoting healthy living, reducing health inequalities and improving health right across the district, as well as supporting the health and social care system.

Organisations benefit from management skills, learning and support, writing bids, and promoting volunteer and job opportunities. This helps to strengthen the voluntary sector and helps it to have a strong voice in raising and responding to issues that matter to you.

If funding is approved, Nova Wakefield District will be able to continue to carry out this work. There will be continuity to ensure effective communication and support for the Voluntary and Community Sector organisations in our district.

Anna Hartley, Director of Public Health said: “During the COVID-19 pandemic when many Voluntary and Community organisations were under extreme pressure, the sector not only survived but evolved. It has helped people across the Wakefield district, providing a range of support, access to information and advice, food banks, and other support for the community.

“Continuing the current grant agreement would build on the positive work that has been delivered so far.”