After contraband was found in camp, the campmates are nervously waiting for dinner to arrive.

Warned their meal would be affected if everyone didn’t fess up to what they’ve snuck into camp, they are waiting to see if everyone has been honest.

At risk is a 10-star meal, won by Amir in the Trial.

Helen says: “I really hope we don’t miss out on our stars.”

Paul notes: “After the drama, everything went flat.”

In the Bush Telegraph Toff says: “There’s been a bit of a bizarre turn of atmosphere in the camp. I’m hoping everyone’s going to get a belting night’s sleep.”

But are they going to bed with full stomachs?


It’s a glorious morning for Andy, Phil and Shaun who learn that they will be leaving their back-to-basics Savannah Scrub home and heading to Main Camp.

Andy says: “I’m absolutely over the moon.”

But they don’t have long to settle in before Ant and Dec arrive with some news. And it’s news that even the hosts admit they are nervous about delivering.

Walking into camp, Dec admits to Ant: “I’m a bit nervous about this one.”

Ant says: “Yeah, I am, it kind of rocks it a bit…”

Shocking camp, the duo reveal that three celebrities will take part in the first survival Trial of the series and that they will each pick another celebrity to do it with them. The pair that loses the Trial will leave camp for good.

Tensions are high as the celebrities realise they could cause the exit of a fellow campmate, as well as end their own time in camp. And if Andy takes part, he risks leaving Main Camp before he’s even spent one day there.

Who will pick whom and which pair are about to lose their places in camp?


But, before anyone can get to the Trial, Gillian calls for the camp to gather round as she’s got a confession to make.

What secret has Gillian been sitting on all of this time? And how will her fellow campmates react?