Tonight, I’m A Celebrity is back with a difference, as nine iconic campmates make an epic return to test themselves all over again in a brand new South African setting.

It’s a once in a lifetime experience… that they’re doing twice, in a bid to be named the first I’m A Celebrity ‘Legend’.

Hosting duo Ant and Dec return to the helm as the following jungle stars return to camp from across 20 years of series: boxing champion Amir Khan, Diversity dancer & DJ Jordan Banjo, former Coronation Street Star Helen Flanagan, TV presenter Carol Vorderman, Olympic athlete Fatima Whitbread, former Royal butler Paul Burrell, ex-England cricketer Phil Tufnell, supermodel Janice Dickinson and music legend Shaun Ryder.

The best are back. But who will triumph and who will fail? The battle begins…


Carol is the very first campmate to arrive, shortly followed by her former jungle buddy Jordan and then Amir, on whom it isn’t lost that their welcome refreshments are strawberry flavoured, having infamously ‘stolen’ strawberries during his first time on the show.

Amir admits: “Everywhere I go now people give me a bowl of strawberries…”

Jordan is thrilled to be reunited with Carol saying: “Carol was literally like my mum the first time.” Meanwhile, Amir admits he doesn’t know who Jordan is.

The trio soon find a tape recorder with a voice message from hosts Ant and Dec explaining that they will immediately face their first Challenge in a bid to win a star – and a meal – for camp.

The nervous threesome learn that they will individually face a staggering 50m drop over the edge of an imposing South African mountain. Once they’ve plummeted, they must locate a numbered code, which they have to remember until they are hoisted back up to the top. Here, they need to use the code to open a padlock, which is keeping their star locked in a cage.

Carol bravely opts to go first. But as she takes her first tentative steps, how will she and her campmates fare?

Elsewhere, Paul has arrived in a different clearing.

He says: “First time I was on I’m A Celebrity was 2004. Since then my life has changed completely. I was a married man with two children, now I’m divorced and remarried, this time to a man. I think the public will remember me for my Hell Holes Trial – it wasn’t a very pleasant experience…”.

Paul is shortly joined by Shaun, quickly followed by Janice who declares: “I want to win it!”

Upon meeting her new campmates, Janice admits: “I just met two campmates and they seem to be such nice guys. I wish I knew who they were…”

Paul finds their tape recorder and learns he’s already set to face his fears again, in a brand new Hell Hole-style challenge. The three celebs are told they must row out together to individual trees in a river and put their hands in the Hell Holes, where they must work around critters to find a key. They need to use the key to unlock the padlock keeping their stars locked away.

Noting the fitting first challenge, Paul admits: “How lovely for the first challenge to be putting my hand in a hole.”

But how will Paul react when he realises his first Hell Hole houses a snake…?

Meanwhile, Phil, Helen and Fatima arrive by helicopter.

Helen admits: “I think the public would probably know me best for being an absolute wimp at the Trials… looking back now I can see how I was a bit of a drama queen… I’m so determined to make my girls proud as well. I won’t be shouting I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!”

And while Phil’s not sure if he can repeat his winning performance of his first jungle experience, Fatima admits: “I think I was probably more known for the cockroach incident. I was trying to sniff it out, but it wouldn’t come. About 40 minutes in the end.”

After listening to their tape recorder instructions they see suspended, high above the Savannah, a row of giant, swinging, red balls – dubbed Newton’s Cradle – that one of them must tether together, before the other two attempt to use them as a bridge. At the end of the balls, they must each leap out and try and catch their hanging star, to earn further meals for camp.

Helen says: “I wish I was watching this at home instead of actually doing it.”

Who will nominate themselves to tether the balls? And which campmate has to take a timeout before attempting the Challenge?

And as the day draws to a close, just how many stars will the campmates have earned?


Challenges completed, the celebrities start to arrive in their new camp home.

Carol is quick to work on making the ‘open-air’ long drop toilet more private by fashioning a cloth wall.

Meanwhile, Janice makes some savvy decisions about where to sleep, confessing she learned from her last experience to be elevated and near the fire.

Of course, first they need to make a fire. And then they must dish out the camp chores. And some campmates are quicker at picking chores than others. How will that go down in camp?


Hosts Ant and Dec make a surprise first night visit to camp.

They are quickly embraced by Janice who declares: “My boyfriends! I missed you so much!”

But they have some news to deliver. The hosts announce to camp that there’s already a surprise in store that night.

Fleeing camp to watch on from their very own unique host lookout, just what surprise have the duo left the camp to discover?