A councillor has called on Bradford Council to take action on the owner of a prominent building in Holmewood months after he was granted planning permission to demolish the building.

Councillor Matt Edwards has called on Bradford Council to take action against the owner of the Holmewood Social Club for failing to keep the site clear of fly-tipping and illegally dumped waste.

Bradford Council’s Bradford Area Planning Panel granted planning permission to demolish the building and replace it with a food store in December last year.

But the business that operated out of the building hasn’t reopened. The site has now fallen victim to substantial amounts of dumped waste.

Councillor Matt Edwards said, “This is exactly what I warned about back in December when the Council gave him planning permission. The landowner has a track record for this sort of thing.

“This is the same man who has failed to look after the site of the former Tempest – another former pub in Holmewood. He secured planning permission to build houses on that site back in 2018. Five years later there are still no houses and the entire site is an eyesore that local residents are just expected to have to put up with. I am very worried this will happen here as well.

“The Holmewood club was built originally for the people of the estate and the community fought to save this building. The way he has left this building to rot is an insult to them. He needs to get his act together and sort this out – and I will be on at Bradford Council’s Enforcement Team to keep on at him until he does.”