More than 100 drivers were stopped for motoring offences and a stolen DAF truck was recovered as roads policing officers took to the motorways of West Yorkshire in an unmarked HGV last week.

West Yorkshire Police utilised an HGV tractor unit, provided by National Highways, using the elevated position of the HGV cab to target drivers of all vehicles on the motorway network across West Yorkshire. The week of action from Monday, 20 March, to Friday, 24 March, was part of Operation Tramline.

During the operation, officers stopped 110 drivers for offences including using a mobile phone whilst driving, not wearing a seatbelt, not being in proper control of a vehicle, speeding, driving without insurance, stopping on a hard shoulder, driving a prohibited vehicle in the outside lane, general construction and use offences, driving without due care and attention, driving with an insecure load and contravening a red light.

A stolen DAF truck was also recovered and three people were arrested on suspicion of theft of a motor vehicle. The vehicle had been reported stolen outside of the West Yorkshire area.

Sergeant Ryan Burt, of West Yorkshire Police’s Roads Policing Unit, said: “This was the second operation this month in West Yorkshire using an HGV provided by National Highways with the Force also taking part in Operation Freeway which involved eight police forces along the M1 from Leeds to London.

“By patrolling the motorways from an elevated position within an HGV cab, we have the advantage of being able to look into other HGV cabs and ensure that all drivers are abiding by the law and take action when they are not.

“We stopped 44 drivers for seatbelt offences, 20 for using a mobile while driving, eight for having an insecure load and six drivers for either not being in proper control of their vehicle or driving without due care and attention. Should a larger vehicle like a lorry be involved in an incident on our motorways, whether it has shed load or been involved in a collision, the results can be extremely serious.

“We will be conducting similar operations in the future, alongside the work that we do every day to keep our roads safe for all road users.”